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The history begins in 2005

Following 15 years of experience in bus and coach production, active work in the automotive industry and dozens of successful investments in this sector, Tomasz Muszkiewicz – a Polish entrepreneur, investor and innovator – combined his greatest passion for automotive industry and the need to constantly improve and develop it.


Creating the Busconcept.eu company, he based it on his vision of establishing an innovative enterprise that satisfies the requirements of individual clients and providing them with tailor-made buses for luxury transport (LUXURY BUSES) and commercial vehicles (LCV).

Thanks to modern technological solutions, employment of high-class materials and unique market solutions, following the trends and cooperating only with the best specialists and designers, Tomasz Muszkiewicz set out the company’s mission. Its main aim is to create a brand whose unique product will initiate new trends in the industry and will be able to provide a premium product of highest class, promoting Polish technical thought delivered in the highest quality.


At Busconcept.eu, we create commercial vehicles and luxurious coaches from scratch, taking into account our client’s dreams and objectives, making sure that the journey onboard will be an unforgettable experience for their customers – one that they will recall as something legendary.

We are motivate our team for further development

Successful deliveries and numerous recommendations of our contented clients bring every-day satisfaction and motivate our team for further development.


BusConcept constantly follows the latest market trends in technological innovations so that our clients always receive modern, safe and reliable vehicles with impressive functionalities appreciated even by the most demanding users.


The key issue for us is focusing on the effectiveness and detailed quality control at each step of the production process, from design through assembly to delivery to final client. We have all applicable European certificates of approval that allow easy registration in any EU country.

It is the owner’s ambition to stand out thanks to superb quality management and exceptional client service.


We are proud of our distribution system based on a user-friendly website, together with our trusted partner in Germany.


Availability of commercial information, direct contact with our sales team, precisely specified conditions of order placing, delivery and terms of guarantee are our great advantages and make our company successful and ready to enter the global market.

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At BusConcept we completely understand that a pleasant journey is not limited to comfortable and luxurious seats.


Original accessories of equipment mounted in RoadRunner models constitute a perfect blend of unique design and adequate functionality.


Attention to detail, style and quality of each furnishing reveal the essence of the Busconcept brand. The scope of equipment is limited only by our customers’ needs.


A larger trunk, back-up camera, high-quality audio system + navigation, wood finishes, personalized lighting, bar, fridge, USB ports – and maybe even a Smart TV. It is only your vision that sets the boundaries.


Configure the RoadRunner according to your own ideas and needs – and surprise your passengers during the long journey with innovative solutions and amenities, so that they can remember this journey and share their experiences with others.

quality politcy

The most modern technologies and highly qualified employees fulfil all the crucial requirements, which a modern company might encounter. We have the best designing, optimization, control, analysis, verification and finishing tools at our disposal.


We follow the requirements of the ISO 9001 international standard and all other applicable law regulations. We train and educate our employees, thanks to which our regulations on maintaining quality keep being applied in practice. We supervise all our products and processes to be able to fully meet our clients’ expectations. We continuously improve our quality management system to achieve long-term success. We support our clients anyway we can, throughout the process, as early as at the stage of developing new designs. Our constructors complete new projects and small alternations – depending on the Customer’s request. By obtaining the ISO certificate, we have committed ourselves to fulfilling, complying with and continuously improving our quality management system. 


Thanks to close cooperation with our clients, we are able to quickly and easily carry out all the necessary modifications.



warranty and service

At BusConcept we place a large emphasis on the after-sales service, which is expressed by the precise regulations on using the warranty and service included in the General Warranty Conditions. In order to use the warranty, one must report the claim on a Form of a Warranty Report. Both documents are available in a .pdf file, in the Documents for download tab.


Among the documents which we deliver to the Customer together with each Vehicle we provide, there are user manuals and warranties (or warranty certificates) issued by the owner of the BusConcept brand, as the producer of the buses or warranty certificates of particular devices with which the trucks and buses are fitted.


The reports on the warranty repairs connected with the devices, which have been mentioned should be sent directly to their producers or service centers, according to the procedures which each of them follows.


At the client's request, we provide service and homologation documentation. Please contact our after-sales support department for this purpose. Contact information for the after-sales support department can be found under the 'Contact' tab.  After verifying the vehicle and its configuration through our after-sales department, you will receive repair and maintenance instructions. The appropriate documents will be provided to you through your preferred communication method.

It's important to note that the after-sales department will need to ensure that the correct documentation is provided based on the specific vehicle and its configuration. This ensures that the instructions for repair and maintenance are tailored to the vehicle and can be effectively used by the customer. The customer will receive the documents through a communication method of their choice, such as email, postal mail, or other means.


To make the time of reaction to your reports as short as possible and provide the availability of the maintenance services as well as prompt repairs of the truck or bus bodies, we are planning to soon start a mobile garage, which will be able to reach any place within the EU. We will publish information on this service and the terms of its use via our website.


Please, send the reports on warranty repairs of the truck and passenger vehicle bodies to the following address: service@busconcept.eu

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