A bus created for individuals like you


Leather, ergonomic seats and hand-stitched elements of the covering provide great support, regardless of the terrain. Astonishing style – not only for the passengers, but also for the driver.


A tailor-made dashboard

Smooth, elegant lines of the dashboard and the central console, as well as soft, leather upholstery, determine the interior design of RoadRunner LINER models. Select the best equipment to provide comfort to your driver. The console surrounds the driver with practical applications and comfort, while a leather-covered gear stick constitutes a unique blend of modern appearance, agility and a dynamic movement.

Premium-worthy, comfortable interior

The LINER offers a wide spectrum of possibilities to configure the interior within its class. It is characterized by carefully selected premium-class materials, delicate leather and high-class finishes. Modern, stylish, beautifully crafted and – last but not least – practical RoadRunner LINER interior provides a space that is leading in its class, with ample and practical storage compartments and accessories.

Superior quality and craftsmanship

The interior of the LINER model welcomes you with sophistication and a bold style. Choose from the available luxurious colours and materials. Your LINER will always make a perfect impression – regardless whether you prefer a carbon fibre, leather or wood finish, everything always harmonizes perfectly and satisfies your tastes.

Configure the lighting of your LINERA

Optional, customizable interior lighting provides a wonderful visual effect and a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere for all the passengers onboard LINER buses. The lighting system highlights unique details thanks to the subtle glow in the colours selected in any given way.