Surprise your passengers with convenience and unique design.


This renowned cab with its luxurious comfort, privacy and distinct space for driver is different from a normal taxi.


Special features for special needs

Each passenger will find suitable amenities in RoadRunner TAXI. Automatic elevator with the maximum load of up to 350 kg, as well as additional space for 2 wheelchairs will make even the most demanding passengers feel exceptional and prestigious in the space of your RoadRunner.

Storage compartments on demand

RoadRunner TAXI is a class leader when it comes to luggage space. A deep storage located in the central console, equipped with cup holders, is a perfect space for the most valuable items, which can be enclosed in a safe space. We provide space which can be adjusted to your needs.

Light suited to the atmosphere

A new model, TAXI, is a perfect illustration of the possibility to choose and tailor-made luxury. High-quality lighting used in it was fitted in an exceptionally elegant way, in order to ensure that the passengers are surrounded with comforting light. No matter which seat you take when travelling, the modern design of Roadrunner Taxi provides ample natural light, complemented by the possibility of selective choice of lighting colour, mirroring the mood of the driver and the passengers. Create your own atmosphere of sophisticated comfort.

Luxurious furnishing

New TAXI by Roadrunner is a perfect mix of an effective appearance with space and practicality. Adding a wide range of modern accessories, such as USB ports, chargers or laptop tables, you will ensure that even a short journey will not be a waste of time for your passengers.