Have you ever wondered how to craft your brand and services so that they are remembered and mentionned by your customers as an experience worth recommending?

From the first moment the customer faces your brand he should know he’s being treated exceptionally and feel privileged because he has the opportunity to be the user of your company’s vehicle.

In the automotive industry of Premium cars, companies outperform themselves in implementing the highest quality components and in finding ways to customise their vehicles, so that their users get the sensational feeling of being honored and deeply aware why your product is so valuable and capable of bringing prestige.

Do you wonder how to make your vehicle unique and your passengers appreciative of the ride quality and impeccable customer service so that they advertise your business? In order to grow a stable customer base appreciative of your services, start your planning from the earliest stage – when buying the car. Think carefully about the options you want to invest in and the needs and requirements of the travelers.

The things you need to remember when choosing accessories for your vehicle and some of the details of our van configuration offer, were included in 8 basic points.
The following list is in our opinion an absolute “must have”. Thanks to these exclusive additions you will be well remembered by your passengers as a prestigious company, whose services they can use again and again.
Hand-made, profiled leather seats, including your company logo.

Interior lighting colour matching the mood of passengers.
A fridge with drinks for thirsty travelers.
Quilted leather upholstery and trimmed elements made of real wood that emphasize the quality of workmanship with focus on safety during long journeys.

USB sockets and electrical outlets allow you to charge both your laptop and phones.
Screens on headboards with a selection of movies and music with headphone connection.
Fold-out tables with independant lighting.
Soundsystem of the highest quality.


Are you curious what accessories you can add to your van fleet?
Make an appointment with consultants from Busconcept and configure your Mercedes Sprinter so that your investment will bring the expected results quickly.
Be unique and best, providing your passengers with a quality of experience at the highest level.


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