About us

The Busconcept brand was established due to the automotive hobby of its owner and is an effect of over twenty years of his experience in the automobile industry.

The company offers functional vehicles for transport of goods and passengers, with reputable brands that are leaders in their particular segments. At competitive prices we provide fully efficient, brand new vehicles, with top-quality modifications and adaptations introduced according to the instructions of our clients. Each vehicle has standard factory warranty, European approval (N1, N2 or M2, M3) and all the certificates necessary for registration of the car in the European Union and outside it.

At client's request we can register the vehicle in Germany.

We have a wide range of vehicles available „on the spot" that can be seen in our factory store: Auto-Wardenga KFZ-Handel. If needed we can adapt our vehicle to your needs and construct a car according to your specification.

Our offer includes:

  •   - delivery trucks with international body of GVM= 3.5 t
  •   - buses of GVM= 5.5 t
  •   - vehicles for special purposes (beavertail lorries, horseboxes, etc.)

If our offer does not include what you are looking for, please contact as at: office@busconcept.eu

We do our best to meet all, even most demanding expectations of our clients.